Local Farmers Markets

small_fruit.gifOur focus has been homegrown for our hometown, grown in Kern County for Kern County.  Throughout the year, we produce over 70 distinct types of fruits, berries, vegetables and herbs, and even a few cut flowers including some very gourmet flavors and rare types, which need much attention for our extremely grateful hometown patrons and friends.  Within that 70 item list is our 6 month peach season, one distinct type of fruit with over 60 varieties for that one catagory, over 40 nectarine varieties, over 30 plout / plum varieties, over 20 tomato varieties, muskmelons, squashes, winter greens and root veggies, citrus, etc.

Our fresh produce is grown with flavor and love, and direct marketing and personal consumption of our fresh produce is a busy year round occupation.

Commericial Fruit Sales

small_forklift.gifWe specialize in early season "spring" stonefruits with summer flavor.  Our peaches, nectarines, pluots, and apriums are available for distribution globally the last 2 months of spring, mid-April through mid-June.  We pay particular attention to the nutritional status and health of our trees, and our soils, en route to our gentle hand picking into 20# fruit harvest totes, and gentle hand packing, which further seperates our fruits flavors from the many mechanical packing operations who usually aren't growing , picking, and handling fruit with the consumer as their focus.  Tesch fruits are to be consumed with enjoyment, and we seek the quickest routes to market.  Whether you are two hours away, on the east US coast, or across an ocean or two, you will be able to quickly obtain our fruits by refridgerated transport, or air freight. Full packs of high maturity, firm, flavorful fruit, are our focus and specialty.


small_garlic.gifWe plant comon and specialty types of garlics & shallots for internet ordering and late summer / early fall distribution, specializing in California garlics, Music garlic, grey and red French shallot.  We have taken our collection and condensed it to the most flavorful, and most grower friendly types for consumption and gardening and direct marketing customers, for distribution within the United States.  Small packs of  1#, 7#, and 15#, and a few 50+# shipments comprise the bulk of our business (mixed varieties), with many shipments to northern and eastern states desiring excellent performing planting stock.  This business is based upon the need for good stock, and the availability of US mail or UPS Ground to deliver in September & October for fall planting and / or consuming.

Tesch Specialties

small_hornedfruit.gifHorned melons and passion fruit seasonally available.  This is how we began, after a decade of produce inspection and buying, and selling crops for retail & foodservice buying & shipping companies.  We currently produce a fall harvested crop of horned melons which usually bridges the supply gap between northern and southern hemisphere production.  We have experimented with tamarillos, pepino melons, and passion fruit as well as a few obscure and common crops and will continue to broker garlic and shallots upon request, and difficult to obtain fresh items from reliable sources, though our current tree fruit production does dominate our production acreage and current operations.