A little history

Greg Tesch started gardening beans at age 4. Growing up in Chula Vista, CA he developed talent for growing a wide variety of fruits & vegetables. After attaining a Bachelors of Crop Science, specialization in vegetables, from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, he obtained employment in the Salinas Valley. Retail & foodservice produce inspection & buying travels took him south to Queretaro, Mexico and north to Washington state including most western fruteschkidsontrailerv1.jpgit & vegetable production districts in California and the western US.

Tesch Specialties was born December 1989 with the packing & selling of four boxes of tamarillos from one tree in Southern California to a wholesaler on the Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Market. Susan and Greg married in 1990 and grew "horned melons" 1991-94 by "moonlight". Specialty produce handlers in Los Angeles bought most of the crop, the remainder going to other US markets & exported to Japan. Greg started full time produce selling December 1994 in Washington state apple country, & in 1995 moved to Bakersfield to sell garlic.

In July, 1996 Tesch Specialties commenced an independent brokerage & distribution business, selling fresh & peeled garlic & shallots as well as onions, pomegranates, grapes, apples, & persimmons.

An orchard of stonefruit was planted late winter 1998 in Lamont, CA and today, Greg & Susan are continuing to plant & growing new specialty stonefruit varieties including apriums, pluots, white & yellow meat super-sweet nectarines & peaches, south-east of Bakersfield, CA. As well, Greg continues to evaluate and produce specialty garlics for seed sales and gourmet markets. Tesch Specialties utilizes its remaining annual crop lands to plant vine-ripened pole & bush tomatoes for local markets, mixed melons & other popular vegetables for Southern California farmers markets.

Thank you for your interest in obtaining the best eating quality fruits & vegetables available. Providing them is our purpose.