September 1, 2017 - NEWS FLASH

Restaurants red and grey shallots special: 7 lbs. delivered USPS priority service $49.95 per shipment in August, $54.95 for September and $59.95 for October 2017 until sold out.

During the shipping season (Sept.- Oct.) I answer usually emails weekly.  If I have not responded timley please email me at  

We typically sell 99 percent of our garlic and shallots in the time period before winter as most have had best success with fall plantings.

We have narrowed our focus on varieties to what we believe performs well in many northern hemisphere locations, and can specifically recommend for or against with specific varieties based upon a wide range of geographic and seasons of experience.  There has been some renaming going on out there in this industry for years, so just ask if there is any question or confusion.

Shipping is easiest handled by United States Postal Service (USPS) flat rate boxes up to 15 lbs., in the United States, as well as Puerto Rico and Guam.  

Requests in excess of 15 lbs. will either be handled with multiple USPS boxes, or UPS, whichever is most efficient.

Greg Tesch